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Matrix-native decentralised E2EE voice and video conferencing is coming! Learn all about it and see the demo in our talk at Welcome to a world where your calls are spread over multiple indie hosts without any single point of control/failure!

An early look at our post UI redesign

- Cleaner, content-first layout
- Album carousel redesign
- Keyboard shortcuts
- Better comments
- New meta fields

Let us know what you think! #pixelfed #postUI #redesign

Early prototype of new Briar Desktop app running on MacOS.

Help Develop Trisquel 10 Nabia

Sharing is very appreciated.

Trisquel version 10 is in an active #development stage. We can #contribute to the development by downloading the latest ISO image, testing it on a vm, and reporting bugs.

:trisquel: :fsf: :gnu: :linux: :kde: :mate: :libreoffice:

#gnu #linux #trisquel #kde #mate #freesoftware

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Software shapes society. #FreeSoftware improves it.

📽️ Check our new video that reflects the core values of software #freedom and pleads for more respect and #diversity in Free Software communities.

Since mid-2021, we've seen the number of obs4 bridges decreasing & a subsequent overload of existing bridges.

Bridges are relatively easy / low bandwidth to operate, but they have a big impact. By running a Tor bridge, you help people bypass censorship.

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Apple’s announcement of a new Self Service Repair program shows there has been considerable pressure on the company to change its designs and policy to answer consumer demand for the right to repair. Let’s keep it up and keep them on the right track.

Belarusian hackers claim to have accessed full database of those crossing the country’s borders

As international tension ratchets up over Belarus’s authoritarian regime, a hacking group claims to have accessed the full database of those crossing the country’s borders, including the alleged movements of KGB officers and president Alexander Lukashenko himself.

I am furious and frustrated with one of my close family members’ saying: those #propaganda from the party are normal !!

I found i am not able to debate it enough as i lack strong words to make my arguments.

Those propaganda are fake, fake and fake. If everyone stay silent without concerns then they are accepting the propaganda — the fake becomes true.

#china #liveintheTruth is hard.

This morning Germany & Partnerships meeting, followed by Confluence Migrator launch preparation meeting. This afternoon 2022 strategy meeting ! A lot going on ! Quite a day at

Also what if your phone has an OS like for example?

What if you cannot install the app if any for Linux distributions, due to lack of privilege?

Are you going to be denied to enter the country at the counter?

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Visiting requires you to install named MorChana (หมอชนะ) provided by the military government on your phone and let it run 24/7 while you are in the country.

By installing the app, you explicitly allows the non-democratic government to keep yourself under .

The government does not seem to understand the fact that foreigners (ฝรั่ง) care about their privacy much more than it could imagine and such an absurd policy would discourage them from visiting there.


QT drewharwell: New: I talked with 27 attorneys whose work from home is monitored by facial recognition software that analyzes their identity and productivity for 8-10 hours a day. They feel like "robots," "gargoyles" and "criminals" and worry the rest of us might be next

You can find someone's Mastodon or Fediverse address on their profile page. (See the attached photo for an example!)

If someone asks how they can follow you on Mastodon/Fediverse, then give them your Fediverse address.

They can paste the address into the search box, and then your account will appear in the search results. They can then follow you by clicking on that profile.

Using a Fediverse address is just like @-ing someone on Twitter etc, but with a bit extra on the end so that the Fediverse system can tell which instance they are signed up on. This allows people on lots of different instances to communicate with each other.

(Email has similar-looking addresses for exactly the same reason, because there are lots of email providers out there, and it needs to know which one you signed up on.)

#FediTips #Fediverse #Mastodon #MastoTips

I am *so* close to being able to move away from my iPhone.

But there are a couple of deal-breaker hurdles.

Does anyone know how to get @WireGuardVPN running either on-demand, or else always activated / activated by default, on @e_mydata? The native client doesn’t support that.

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