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Signal's security is so advanced that it can protect you from the government. Matrix' security is so advanced that it can protect your government from EVEN BIGGER governments.
Use a communication app that dictators CANNOT block.

Clearview AI is a creepy online surveillance company, found unlawful in various jurisdictions - and it wants to work with you @Uber @lyft @Bumble @Airbnb @Handy @Sittercity @Veriff @jumio @Onfido.

Sign our pledge and say no to dodgy data! ❌

Ein #Hilfe Ruf an alle im #Lehrerzimmer

Unsere #schule hat Android Tablets bekommen und ich soll helfen, dafür die passenden Apps für SchülerInnen aber auch LehrerInnen zu finden.

Welche Apps sind bei euch im Sekundarschulbereich im Einsatz und wie gut haltet ihr die?

Bitte auch ReTrööt

One positive aspect of today: I was contacted by my child's doctor with the #signal app.

Good to see, that someone working in such a sensitive field is not using #WhatsApp and even without myself asking for it 👏

Would be great if more people in sensitive positions take this path for more self empower use of technology and switch to encrypted #FreeSoftware solutions like #Signal or decentralised ones like #Matrix, #XMPP OMEMO, #Briar, #Wire, ...



The editor of Rossiya 1, who protested live on-air with a "No War" banner, has not been heard from since. Her lawyer apparently is not able to contact her either.

She needs all the global attention she can get right now.

Based on the new law in Russia, for her action Marina can be charged with an offense that carries a maximum sentence of 15 years in prison.

#Russia #NoWar #Ukraine

Do you have strong opinions on #FreeSoftware in education? Are you interested in learning more about copyleft licensing? Are you keen to chat with others about free software? Join us at #LibrePlanet 2022: "Living Liberation" this weekend

With a CD, you **own** the music. You can save your collection as long as you live. You can rip it, save it on the computer and the phone, wherever you want, as long as you don't violate the law.

With a subscription service, you don't. If the service is gone, collection is gone. You pay money monthly, but you'll end up getting nothing.

Which one do you prefer?

Respect for the woman! 🙇

Russian state TV employee disrupts news broadcast with 'No War' protest

A protester against the war in Ukraine interrupted a live broadcast on Russian state television, telling the audience: "They're lying to you."

The woman entered the studio during Russia's most-watched evening news broadcast, holding up a poster saying "No War" and condemning Moscow's military action in Ukraine.

👀 Yet more consumer hardware is spying on you. This time, routers sending every hostname your devices need to a third party -- even if you have the "feature" switched off.

i'm looking for a job.

i'm a mathematics student at galatasaray university in turkey. i've discovered latex typesetting system ~4 years ago. in that time period, i've written my lecture notes, real-time. i've learned about plotting and drawing with tkz-euclid and tikz.

if you are in need of someone to type a thesis, an homework; to draw and produce graphics, plots, etc. please contact me, i'm open to communication and i'll inform if i'm able to get the job done.

#job #latex #typesetting #tikz

Last year, I wrote about the story of a schoolgirl in Osaka who had naturally brown hair and was required to dye her hair black to comply with a dress code that ostensibly banned hair dying. Tokyo just passed a new policy on this very issue, so I covered it in a long-form article that considers the purpose of dress codes and touches on anime and the Preamble to the U.S. Constitiution.

#japan #school #education #dresscode #news #newleafjournal #TheNewLeafJournal

“Russia began active preparations for disconnection from the global Internet. No later than March 11, all servers and domains must be transferred to the Russian zone. In addition, detailed data on the network infrastructure of the sites is being collected.”

I guess you could it say it got arrested because it tried to make a stand? But it was 2 tired? #Moscow #Russia #NotRealPoliceButMindlessPutinMinions

#FollowFriday / #FF recap of this week's recommended follows:

🌟 @siadora - Illustrator and comic artist

🌟 @owncast - Free open source Fediverse-compatible alternative to Twitch

🌟 @thelinuxexperiment - Video series about Linux, FOSS etc

🌟 @GoatsLive - Two pet goats who live on a farm, very cute account :)

🌟 @librehealth - Volunteer community creating free open software for healthcare orgs, hospitals, doctors etc.

🌟 @freedcreative - Video tutorials about libre creative software incl. Krita

How many computers is too many computers for someone to own?

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