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Syncing the environments between Ubuntu and . Now Firefox's profile has been sync'd over the Firefox account, it's much like a normal xfce environment experience.

Unless you gain the opinion of the general populations as your ally, you cannot really change the world into which where there should be no exploitation by tech companies.

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Education of the software for the general population is necessary from the perspective of economics and politics. Proprietary OS in government institutions introduce unnecessary costs (both monetary and social).

I know you guys know it, but you do not really know that the general population like your father and mother is so uneducated about the meaning and function of software that they are indifferent to exploitation by technology companies looking for your money converted to taxes.

Around the government institutions are there bunch of private companies which keep hunting concessions, such as antivirus software developers.

It is a waste of taxes. When you replace a proprietary OS with a security-enhanced free and open source OS, you would not need antivirus software in the first place.

To mitigate the risk of ransomware?

Technically the most effective way is to replace a proprietary OS with a desktop GNU/Linux distribution well maintained, and enable security enhancements like AppArmor. They should achieve the security much more effectively than it would ever be possible on a proprietary OS.

As long as a proprietary OS is used in government institutions, it would not be possible to mitigate the risk of ransomware which jeopardizes our life.

Running AppArmor on Ubuntu, Debian on VM, and Whonix on VM. It should harness the security much more 😀

Using everyday from OSes (for desktop and mobile) to a music player, I've realized the value of freedom of software and the reason why free software is not the matter of price (gratis).

Basically this is the matter of rights, responsibility, and ethics of the civil society. See "Mutual recognition of freedom" by Hegel.

It is unfortunate that free software has been mainly the topic of computer geeks and established thinkers around the world have not thought about that quite much.

EU regulators are concerned over Facebook's new spy glasses, ahem... "smart glasses."

You don't say...

"FB hasn't demonstrated it conducted comprehensive field testing of the device w/a view to assessing the privacy risk it may pose," says @riptari.

Original tweet :

AWS team asks me to create a new AWS account to close the existing AWS account (which was created from the account which has been closed).

> If you are not able to utilize the recommended self-help options, you'll need to contact AWS Account and Billing directly. To do so please create a case from the AWS Support Center. If you don't have access to another AWS account, you may need to create a new AWS account for the purpose of contacting us from the Support Center.

Ridiculous 😂

On this matter social scientists and philosophers have been generally powerless due to the postmodern pessimism and cynicism since the 70s.

You would need to enlighten them to make them stop repeating the same thesis endlessly which stems from 's idea of .

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One problem of is the lack of the discourse about it by general population, because the agreement among them is principally the source of social justice.

Which is why the enlightenment of digital technology is a must.

In order to audit the program, the code has to be available. There is no other way, unless you would try reverse engineering only to guess a tiny part of the software.

Source code of biometrics program including facial recognition has to be submitted to the government before released to the market.

Otherwise, how the hell would it be possible to regulate a biometrics application effectively?

RealNetworks, which develops RealPlayer, one of the famous media players in 90s, today develops a facial recognition platform SAFR.

This year SAFR received a grant from the US Air Force to develop its AI-powered analytics.

Note SAFR is proprietary and not . RealMedia (.rm), the file format for RealPlayer, is proprietary as well.

But it is not right to compare a media file format with a facial recognition platform. It needs to be regulated by the public.

We designed a face mask, as a symbol of resistance against the use of #FacialRecognition in public places.

Donate £20 or pledge £2 per month to PI, and get yours while stocks last!

Chromium 94 has added native support for forcing HTTPS connections; Firefox also has this feature.

Thanks to mainstream web browsers now including native support for forcing HTTPS connections, EFF are retiring their HTTPS Everywhere extension, meaning EFF's goal of encrypting the web has been successful.

@suguru Qubes OS is a security focused Linux OS which runs all apps in "domains", which are VMs. I will warn you that hardware acceleration is disabled for security, so you will use CPU only. SMT is also disabled by default due to Spectre attacks.

It's slow, even on powerful systems, but it's the best way to do security.

If I find it works as nice as another desktop distribution of GNU/Linux, I will consider to spend more time on .

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