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Nextcloud, Mailfence, ProtonMail, DuckDuckGo, others ask EU & US regulators to ban surveillance-based advertising

And in “Dystopia Today”, Tencent uses facial recognition to enforce China’s curfew on gaming kids.

What a nice discovery! I didn't know there were wireless mechanical #keyboards. 😳

Found this #Bluetooth dual connection (wireless or wired) RGB TKL #MechanicalKeyboard. Reviews are good.

Yeah. I ordered one.

Picked the black (although the white looks really pretty) with blue switch keys. It'll be for my old Surface Pro 3 that only has a one (temperamental) USB port. Yes, it's a justified expense. 🤪

Being able to understand French as well, despite being a little, should help you to participate free software development / movement much more.

🚀 CryptPad 4.8 is now live on!

This release includes early work on document conversions, including:
- Import of Trello boards (JSON)
- Export of Markdown from Rich Text

Much more to come in this area!

🇯🇵 CryptPad is now fully translated to Japanese. Big thanks to @suguru for all the work!

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Audacity now collects user data:

I need a new audio editing program. Any recommendations?

I have published a brief blog post about self-hosting CalDAV & CardDAV server using #radicale. It is lastest addition to my #selfhosting #selfhosted series. This time shorter and less technical, because there are no hacks, customizations and tricks needed to install this piece of software. Thumbs up to the guys who wrote the official radicale documentation.

Are your friends still on #GitHub and other proprietary services?
Tell them about #Codeberg and other free alternatives to monopolistic SaaS solutions - they exist, and they improve with every user who joins them!
#FreeSoftware #UserFreedom

Did you know a third of people who abandon a survey form do so because they worry about privacy and security? We understand, pretty much all those forms are hosted at Google or other, data-vacuuming services. Well, with Nextcloud Forms - no more!

If you don't like #Microsoft, please get your code off #GitHub. It's just Microsoft wearing a mask at this point.

#SourceHut, @codeberg, and are all viable alternatives depending on your priorities.

The Free Software Foundation and Defective by Design are on Mastodon! Visit us at and

We need your support to implement #RouterFreedom throughout Europe: Please have a look at Lucas Lasota's activity package "Protecting #RouterFreedom in Europe"

IMPORTANT: We're seeing a large scale attempt to bulk-register bot accounts across the public Matrix network (including captcha bypass) in order to perform spam flood attacks. If you're running a public homeserver please disable open registration, or require email for signups.

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