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Oh sh*t!! Another author/commentator of #appledaily is arrested in Hong kong. 😠


I was thinking of stop using Linux in future because of similar reasons Hyperbola stated:

Linux is slowly becoming bloat and adding questionable things.

I've been trying out #FreeBSD and other BSDs. So far it has been great. I've found most of the things I need there.

Also, curiously waiting to try out #HyperbolaBSD when it comes out in 2022 (or perhaps 2023?)

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I decided to try embedding my Pixelfed profile into an article on my WordPress site, The New Leaf Journal (site link in my bio). I doubled the size of the embed to make it fill the width of a page. As you can see in the photo, it came out well.

You can see the embed in my article at the following URL:

If you have a WordPress site or any site that can handle iframes, consider embedding your Pixelfed profile. It think that it comes out quite well. Furthermore, doing so can increase visibility for Pixelfed generally.

All of my Pixelfed photos correspond to my content at The New Leaf Journal - and each photo description contains a link to a NLJ article. If you want to know the story behind or related to a photo, look for the URL in my comment.

#pixelfed #pixelfedembed #iframe #wordpress #wordpresswebdesign #wordpresswebsite #embed #newleafjournal #thenewleafjournal

"All the data Google Maps says it may collect is linked back to your personal identity. This is how Google works. Everything links together to build your profile, your timeline."

@UKZak on why its time to delete Google Maps from your phone.

Original tweet :

Working on localization of @cryptpad here:

It's saved my back since a half year, which is why I want to give back something to the software as far as I can 👍

your phone by removing (Google Play services) and (Google Play store UI) and installing Aurora Store via F-Droid instead:

If you see error when removing due to "DELETE_FAILED_DEVICE_POLICY_MANAGER", see:

On Windows ecosystem you **must** get an update whenever it is provided, regardless of your will.

On Linux / BSD ecosystem you can choose what to install and when to install it. It is completely up to you.

Now there is a lot of mature desktop environments for Linux / BSD operating systems, why sticking with Windows?

To Windows users: Don't blame Microsoft; instead know the fact that it is you who have agreed with their term. **You** have chosen to be a slave by yourself.

New versions of Windows might change the UI or underlying components, but they don't change the only thing important to know about Windows: it's nonfree software. Choose software that actually respects its users instead.

To prevent project from doing a rug pull, whether it is "soft" or "hard", regulatory framework and watchdog is a **must**.

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When it comes to liberty/freedom, setting it over against rule/regulation is one of the biggest misconceptions.

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Unlike the argument of libertarians in the Western civilization, who are laughable in the first place, without institution to enforce penalty, anything can be done on one's will, as much as programs on the blockchain allow.

If you don't believe in chaos theory, change a single version of a dependency in an npm project

Coming soon, in Tor Browser 10.5: improved user experience of connecting to the Tor network. Say goodbye to Tor Launcher. 👋

Updated Mastodon instance just now, almost ignoring the instruction available at GitHub release page. Since I did not run "the pre-deployment database migrations" stuff before updating, something might be gone wrong..

In fact spreadsheet of is based on OnlyOffice, which works like a charm 👏

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