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This Week in Matrix is out now! Featuring huge Synapse perf work, lots of clients updates, and many very interesting projects, plus a Matrix Live full of exciting demos! #decentralisation #twim #matrix

Surveillance isn’t normal, and it isn’t okay. Students are right to feel concerned and to want to speak up about their privacy.

It is possible to clone your hard drive as a backup before conducting something critical on your machine.

dd if=/dev/... of=/dev/... bs=1m status=progress
gpart recover ...
gpart resize -i 1 ...

On UFS filesystem, don't forget to run growfs if you have replaced the hard drive with a larger one.

BTW, my #IPFS bot (#csobot) works quite well. The last news article on NYtimes was transformed to a page on IPFS by the bot. I can read it inside the GFW. 😏

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Day one of the #LibrePlanet conference was a success, connecting viewers from over 32 countries and offering a rousing call to action for a freer future:

Thanks to all the organisers, speakers, and participants at #Libreplanet. Had great discussions there today with many people active for #softwarefreedom

Everything has been built on Ports Collection without pre-compiled packages. Neither malware nor bloatware should exist on my machine, which is a nice feeling.

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Rebuilding binaries with Ports Collection on FreeBSD fixed the issue which probably I caused by myself due to a wrong configuration that suspending stopped working after the machine had suspended once. It works even better 😀

Found cloning your drive on UNIX-like system was quite easy with dd. Running `dd if=/dev/ada... of=/dev/ada... bs=1m status=progress` to back up my FreeBSD system.

Schöne gut verständliche Erklärung (#Nespresso vs #Cappuccino) warum offene Standards und #Föderation bei Messanger und auch sonst wichtig ist vom Republik Magazin:

(Außerdem, warum #Signal ein Schritt in die richtige Richtung ist, aber #Matrix und andere föderierte Messanger gesellschaftlich besser ist.) via @gnulinux #nt

This Week in Matrix is out now! clients, servers, guides, MORE, plus an interview with Ananace, who runs the Matrix server for Linköping University :D #twim #matrix #decentralisation

To stop Facebook from tracking you across the web, (a) get our app/extension to block their trackers from even loading, and (b) if you have a Facebook account, follow these directions from @fossbytes14 to tweak their app/site privacy settings.

Original tweet :

Just got redhat running in a vm on #freebsd in #bhyve !!! Not the first time I've run a vm in bhyve, but every time I do it just makes me so excited and leaves me in awe. I couldn't write something like this in a million years.

Hopefully I would let some of the members replace Windows / macOS with a operating system like Debian GNU/Linux, asking "seriously, why do you need a proprietary operating system even though you could run one on a virtual machine in case of emergency?"

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Summarized "Free Software, Free Society" (first edition) by Richard Stallman in Japanese. Based on the summary I am going to talk about the value of in the modern civil society at the next study group meeting.

ストールマン『フリーソフトウェアと自由な社会――Richard M. Stallmanエッセイ集』第1版の要約

After almost a year of development, I am happy to announce #FediDB will be launching to the public this weekend!

Building ActivityPub applications will be much easier with FediDB.

Special thanks to @NGIZero for funding development of this project!

#activityPub #federation #developerTools

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