Don't miss @e_mydata tonight at @gnulinuxvalencia on streaming at 5:30 pm CET! We will talk about how /e/OS protects your data on smartphones. The talk will be held in Spanish!

#EOS #opensource
#dataprivacy #gnulinux

It looks like, in response to a DMCA request, Microsoft has removed the Github repo for DeDRM, a plugin for helping people read ebooks they've bought on their chosen ereader.

Ever need to share private info in #pastebin, but don't want others to see it?

Try an #anonymous/private Pastebin,
(#privatebin code).

What's great about it?

256bit-zk (zero knowledge) #encryption, even owner of the server can't read it.

Key in url. 🔐

*password protection
*Burn after reading
(once read, note self destructs)
*timed self destruction
*Tor hidden Service (.onion)
*QR code note generation

:tor: Try it here:
#privacy #HumanRights #Crypto


@RTP One of the functions I like is attaching a file to a paste 😄

Here is the list of public instances:

In 2021 we published safeguards to help civil society and communities advocate for stronger human rights protection when faced with the privatisation of public functions and surveillance

Installed and set up GNU/Linux on one of my laptops. Working nicely, including not bundling a proprietary Wi-Fi driver on it.

One of the best findings this year is that you really don"t need a proprietary OS to have a productive environment, unless you are *forced* to use it against your will, right, and freedom.

1,500-year-old ceramic Maya figurine with removable helmet, from El Perú-Waka’, Petén, Guatemala.

Figurines were always a serious business :blobcatmlem:

Collaborate with us on the freedom ladder, our new guide to help people take their first steps in software freedom: #userfreedom

@tchambers @eff Metaverse needs concrete rules, open protocols, and governance based on the people's general will. Otherwise it should become a totalitarian reality where users are regulated by the ultimate power of a private enterprise. This is neither legal nor right.

@eff Whatever the "Metaverse" is, if it becomes anything, it is in EVERYONE's interests that it does not become the Zuckererse.

Which is why availability of self repair is not only important, but necessary.

Why would you have to send your phone to someone who you don't know to get it fixed??

I found this post by #mozzila is very well written and easy to understand. Anyone want to understand how #http works give it a go 🙂

What is your favourite platform for contributing translations?

We're overhauling our i18n to support the new design and make every string translatable!

Boosts appreciated! #pixelfed #i18n

Of course Elsevier's "enhanced pdf viewer" tracks where you click, view, if you hide the page, etc. and then transmits a big base64 blob of events along with ID from University proxy when you leave. I'm sure straight to SciVal for sale.
Is this the way we want science to work?

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