In some context I will mention protocol as well, now that it is getting adopted by European administrations.

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Amazing to see is getting integrated with . Before using Google stuff (also after replacing it with ProtonMail) I have supported the mail client, which obviously is the great, if not the best one. The news itself shows that the userbase of the Matrix keeps growing.

のサーバーを運用したいと思っている方は をぜひ検討してみてください。初期設定が必要な項目がたくさんありますが、そこさえ面倒くさがらなければ、恐らく一番簡単にセットアップ、メンテナンスできるツールだと思います。

bridge for messenger, based on running LINE's Chrome extension in Puppeteer.


How and where can I get a / social icon, which is properly licensed?

> Myanmar military blocks Facebook and other messaging services following coup

If you have friends in countries where military governs, I would recommend you to ask them to set up other communication channels like , , or , than Facebook or Twitter.

I have friends in Thailand where the military takes control of the government too, and asked them to install Signal.

Pinecones and Dendrites - P2P Matrix Progress
Saturday, 6 February 2021 11:30 CET (Europe/Brussels), D.blockchain

is going to be a hybrid P2P/client-server network in the future. At some point will there be no homeserver which can become a central point of failure.


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