Contributing to development of SDKs for a couple of months, I got a feeling that the core team often tyrannically decides what to be implemented.

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This is a matter of governance and decision making process by a non-profit organization.

Who decides what to be implemented? How much decisive power should be possessed by the core team members?

Obviously these can be answered only after the principle of decision making and code implementation is clarified.

In some context I will mention protocol as well, now that it is getting adopted by European administrations.

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Amazing to see is getting integrated with . Before using Google stuff (also after replacing it with ProtonMail) I have supported the mail client, which obviously is the great, if not the best one. The news itself shows that the userbase of the Matrix keeps growing.

のサーバーを運用したいと思っている方は をぜひ検討してみてください。初期設定が必要な項目がたくさんありますが、そこさえ面倒くさがらなければ、恐らく一番簡単にセットアップ、メンテナンスできるツールだと思います。

bridge for messenger, based on running LINE's Chrome extension in Puppeteer.


How and where can I get a / social icon, which is properly licensed?

> Myanmar military blocks Facebook and other messaging services following coup

If you have friends in countries where military governs, I would recommend you to ask them to set up other communication channels like , , or , than Facebook or Twitter.

I have friends in Thailand where the military takes control of the government too, and asked them to install Signal.

Pinecones and Dendrites - P2P Matrix Progress
Saturday, 6 February 2021 11:30 CET (Europe/Brussels), D.blockchain

is going to be a hybrid P2P/client-server network in the future. At some point will there be no homeserver which can become a central point of failure.


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