Which country is the best place to study ?

United States, Germany, or France? Netherland, Spain, or Italy?

I know the Internet is the best place. I am looking for the second 😀

If you are willing to adopt rationally, beyond the mere feeling of freedom, you would need to make sure if firmware is free at first, because the firmware is the basis, and applications on that cannot be proven to be free otherwise.

Caring about applications are just not enough. Non-free firmware can disrupt the freedom of the applications from the ground, which could make it pointless to install free software.

When it comes to ransomware, do not blame malicious actors. It won't help anyone.

Instead, replace your proprietary OS with a free OS. It is the most effective way to save yourself and your rights.

What if Facebook *really* would cease its operation abruptly, what could be a real alternative which not only is a but also provides the same level of UX?

For Instagram, we have @pixelfed. No offense, but could Diaspora or Friendica replace Facebook today?

Using everyday from OSes (for desktop and mobile) to a music player, I've realized the value of freedom of software and the reason why free software is not the matter of price (gratis).

Basically this is the matter of rights, responsibility, and ethics of the civil society. See "Mutual recognition of freedom" by Hegel.

It is unfortunate that free software has been mainly the topic of computer geeks and established thinkers around the world have not thought about that quite much.

RealNetworks, which develops RealPlayer, one of the famous media players in 90s, today develops a facial recognition platform SAFR.

This year SAFR received a grant from the US Air Force to develop its AI-powered analytics.


Note SAFR is proprietary and not . RealMedia (.rm), the file format for RealPlayer, is proprietary as well.

But it is not right to compare a media file format with a facial recognition platform. It needs to be regulated by the public.

Since years I've occasionally used a printer at kiosk to print/copy documents, which I finally realized is a way of leaking information to the third party by myself. Stupid.

The software on the printer is not , so it is completely impossible to check if the data is stored and deleted after you leave the printer.

It may send the data to a third party.

Who knows?
Only those who are accessible to the source code.

Hopefully I would let some of the members replace Windows / macOS with a operating system like Debian GNU/Linux, asking "seriously, why do you need a proprietary operating system even though you could run one on a virtual machine in case of emergency?"

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Summarized "Free Software, Free Society" (first edition) by Richard Stallman in Japanese. Based on the summary I am going to talk about the value of in the modern civil society at the next study group meeting.

The theory of can be enhanced with the thought of modern European philosophy. It should provide free software much stronger ground.

if you think philosophy is just like operating a logic, then you are far behind.

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Have read "Free Software, Free Society" (first edition) by RMS at @fsf. If you are interested in then this is a must. Not to worship him, but to understand the core thought of free software.

Why free software matters in this civil society, why GPL and Copyleft are basic concepts of the free software, and how free software and open source software are different? This book answers all of these questions.

An article like "Social collaboration needs ", "Free society needs Free software" (inspired by the book written by RMS).

Is there any infographic on why the is right universally?

A written template that can be copied, translated, and reused anywhere would also be appreciated.

I'm going to write a book that explains keywords related to philosophy, and include basic concepts related to .

This will be my first chance to introduce the concept of Free Software to the mass, and discuss the the rightness / legitimacy of Free Software in the modern civil society on its principle.

I'm also going to take down postmodern critics who are so ignorant that they could just talk about something cynical about the Big Tech.


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