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> Briar is a messaging app designed for activists, journalists, and anyone else who needs a safe, easy and robust way to communicate. Unlike traditional messaging apps, Briar doesn’t rely on a central server - messages are synchronized directly between the users' devices. If the internet’s down, Briar can sync via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, keeping the information flowing in a crisis. If the internet’s up, Briar can sync via the Tor network, protecting users and their relationships from surveillance.

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I wish it would be possible to deliver messenger app there, as it works without Internet if the device has wifi/bluetooth:

> If the internet’s down, Briar can sync via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, keeping the information flowing in a crisis.

🎉 Big news: Tor Browser 11.5 is here! In this release, we're bringing you automatic censorship detection and circumvention, redesigned Tor Network settings, Firefox's HTTPS-Only Mode enabled by default, and improved font support.

Take a look at what's new in Tor Browser 11.5:

In case you haven't heard, the EU is now implementing new so-called e-evidence rules. Basically, member countries can obtain access to transactions and data on suspects in (criminal) investigations. Here's the fact sheet:

Note especially the "types of data" section on what can be requested.

If you don't want this type of data leaked, maybe consider not using somebody else's servers (euphemistically known as "the cloud").

#cloud #privacy #selfhosting

@downey I'm sad about this. Especially since the world has Matrix!

Everyone says Konichiwa, but it is actu Kon-ni-chi-wa, and it is こんにちは。

To those who care about #privacy and deGoogled mobile OS & online services, don't miss our #Murena and /e/OS V1 livestream📺 event at 14:00 CEST! ⏰

#mydataisMYdata #opensource @e_mydata @murena

v2.0.4 of Cinny is out. It fixes some crashes and copy-paste issues in the desktop app.

We have also started building a Docker image for arm64 ( and Flatpak (

#matrix #cinnyapp #reactjs

Since entering and graduating the uni more than one and a half decade ago I have never used the office suite other than and unless being unfairly forced to use a proprietary office suite.

At that time I was not really sure if using free office suite had a great benefit, but it was the right choice for me: being locked in a proprietary software would have been a nightmare, considering the fact that I sometimes have to read the files created at that time.

I love #LibreOffice as a developer because its #openess lets me do cool and hacky stuff, :blobcatcool: e.g. document manipulation for a ##NextCloud app (, still work in progress).

I love @libreoffice as a user because it is powerful office suite.

I myself don't think this is true, but I guess there might be some people who feel that the core team "lets" the community contribute to their software.

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Contributing to development of SDKs for a couple of months, I got a feeling that the core team often tyrannically decides what to be implemented.

See also:

This is a matter of governance and decision making process by a non-profit organization.

Who decides what to be implemented? How much decisive power should be possessed by the core team members?

Obviously these can be answered only after the principle of decision making and code implementation is clarified.

4 days left till our Murena Live Streaming, dont miss this meaningful event next Tuesday!

Prepare your questions! During our streaming event we will host a Q&A session where you will be able to ask questions directly in the chat.

#eOS #opensource
#dataprivacy #dev #release #operating #system #privacy
#digitalsurveillance #surveillancecapitalism


The team behind 0 A.D: Empires will be holding a booth for three days in Rennes, France on the 20th-21st and 22nd of May 2022
More info about the @stunfest event can be found here:

#stunfest2022 #indiegamedev #opensource #free #freesoftware

Zusammen mit @imke haben wir mal das #Fediverse Schaubild überarbeitet. Siehe anbei. Feedback willkommen. ✌️

Replaced 8*2GB RAM memory with 16*2 RAM, making total amount to 48GB for my Ubuntu machine, in order to run multiple VMs for with a couple of VMs for daily tasks. With 48 GB you can run ~5 VMs nicely. It's something like DIY Qubes OS.

Guess what! Mastodon’s official #Android app was finally approved and is now on the Play Store.

F-Droid submission still being processed.

#Webex, #Zoom etc know your activities while muted. Researchers intercepted network traffic and analysed audio data WHILE USERS WERE MUTED. They trained a classifier and could identify typical background activities like cooking, cleaning, typing.

I don’t share the idea of the researchers by the way that a mic that can pick up cooking sound shouldn’t be able to pick up bathroom sound, too. 😜 (sounds rather like an American approach to this question)


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