Previously I mentioned the fact that Twitter has removed the legacy interface without JavaScript. @fsf criticizes the move as it limits ways of using the service, and they removed the link to their Twitter profile from the emails they send and their website.

> Since we won't suggest using nonfree software in any context whatsoever, we've had to make some changes to our "share" page, and remove the link to our Twitter profile from the emails that we send.


bridge for messenger, based on running LINE's Chrome extension in Puppeteer.


"Remain Calm: the fox is still in the Firefox logo"

I have seen posts getting this wrong even on here.

Google & Facebook collectively own 66% of the top 15 mobile apps: "As they face lawsuits over market dominance, the question of how much of the mobile app economy — & the digital economy writ large — they own will grow more urgent," says @sarafischer.

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In case you missed it, here's the follow-up to our announcement of Nextcloud 21, an hour of answering questions from our community!

In our #Newsletter February, we interview our founding president Georg Greve, we reflect on the #IloveFS day and our #FOSDEM participation, we advertise our new job vacancy and as usual we report about our diverse community activities:

Many articles about the Australia-Facebook dispute noted that a large number of people rely on Facebook as their primary news and information portal. Because I think that relying on a big tech entity that treats users as products for advertisers as a primary news source is unwise - I suggest RSS as an alternative in my post.

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How it started... How it's going. #DeleteFacebook

Facebook & Google’s conception of privacy is really security, which are not the same. It’s "we’ll try to make sure hackers can’t get the data on our servers, but we’ll continually mine it for profit ourselves." 🙄

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12/ Recovering free will online

My points are: 1) to get you to dream big, and 2) to show you how those dreams may already be reality, or very close.


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If you want to criticize the big tech, you just need to start from the very ground of the modern civil society. Otherwise your argument cannot strive against the power of money and power.

with is why I do not agree with a kind of discussion that privacy is the primitive / original right. Against the common understanding, freedom itself does not exist. It only starts to exist after the original contract of freedom.

Any discussions related to the justice and legitimacy of technology must be based on the basic principle of the modern civil society. Principally saying, neither privacy nor freedom in itself does not exist. They simply cannot exist without the very ground of the society, the mutual recognition of freedom.

"The lack of oversight of police acquisition & use of surveillance tech has dangerous consequences for those misidentified or caught up in self-fulfilling prophecies of AI policing." @EFF explores concerning capabilities of advanced video analytics tech:

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Get I2P for Android 0.9.49
- Upgrades the underlying I2P libraries to version 0.9.49, continuing the cryptography and performance upgrades.
- Includes a SAM API for application developers to establish I2P connections in their own applications & more.

An article like "Social collaboration needs ", "Free society needs Free software" (inspired by the book written by RMS).

Is there any infographic on why the is right universally?

A written template that can be copied, translated, and reused anywhere would also be appreciated.

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